Q - If I press SOS button, will any sound signal appear on PC?

A - Yes, you will hear alarm sound signal.

Q - Can I add more than one e-mail to event?

A - Yes, you can. Simply split them with comma.

Q - How big is location packet that GPS device is sending to server?

A - It depends on set intervals and what kind of device you are using, usually it’s from 50 to 150 bytes per location packet.

Q - How many users and GPS devices I can add to my server?

A - You can add unlimited number of users and GPS devices.

Q - Can Trackit be installed in any type of vehicle?

A - Yes, it can be installed in all types of Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and Rickshaws.

Q - Does my Trackit comes with any warranty?

A - If Trackit unit become inoperative or is faulty by reason of defective components, workmanship or design within 12 months from the purchase; we will repair or replace the system, free of charge. This warranty i not applicable if the Trackit unit has been tampered with, or worked on by any un-authorized personnel, or if the vehicle has had and accident or the unit is found to be water damaged.

Q - Can Trackit guarantee the recovery of my vehicle in case of theft or snatching?

A - As Trackit is not an anti theft device rather a location giving mechanism, we can help you and the law enforcement agencies to find the vehicle, in case the unit is in reporting status.

Q - What documentation are required to get Trackit installed?

A - CNIC, Vehicle Registration document and an application form/agreement provided by us.

Q - How long does it take to get Trackit installed?

A - Once all paperword is completed, it only takes 1 to two hours to install trackit in your vehicle.